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Process Pump Repair, Inc.

Industrial Pump Service :: 24 Hour Service
Process Pump Repair has extensive experience in repair all sizes and types of pumps and gearboxes. PPR specializes in repairs of boiler feed water pumps, vertical pumps, vacuum pumps, split case and piston pumps. A premier repair facility with 7,500 sq.ft. with highly-skilled machinists and mechanics, provide diverse services such as dynamic balancing , the manufacturing and repair of heat exchanger plugs, shafts, sleeves, impeller rings, and casing rings. We look forward to servicing your rotating needs.  Field service repair  Field service machining on request  In-house balancing of rotating equipment  In-house sandblasting and painting  Multiple CNC machining capabilities  Welding capabilities  Spray Metalizing (ceramic, bronze, stainless and nickel)